Waterlily lake

Good morning, you’re a spider and you  make first eyes on a serene lake full of waterlilies. Nothing seems to trouble your beautiful summer morning…

Some colourful bugs are walking around and they seem to you a tasty morning breakfast.


Lake of Fears

But when the evening will fall… some ugly and ferocious creatures will come out from their hiding dark places.

They are the Creepy Bastards, they bite and …. kill !

The Town Sewer

But not every morning is a song. Overnight rained and the lake waters slooped into the dirty poisonous Sewerage.

The hunt for life is harsh in this bad smelling, creepy place, this is not your home, life sucks, try to get soon out of here if you can.


Weeping Bridge

You will find shelter on the Sighs Bridge, here gathered all the refugees from the sewer, crying and weeping, so it’s kind of crowded. 

But this is a better place, you cand still hope for a better life. But don’t forget you’re just a bug…

Adveture’s Books Shelf

It’s time to get wiser, in this life !

So you came in the right place, you’re reading all adventure books and jumping in the ink pot, you have great plans, you’ll be bigger than Robinson Crusoe !

You think : “life is good to me, I have access to education”, but in a bug’s world, sometimes this is not enough…


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