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Armada Sudios offers you free access on iPhone to DipDip “5 Things to share daily”

Available on Entertainment section on iTunes.


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CONTEST- closed

Bug’s world expanding.

We’ve started to work on a new version of the game. A more complex cute bug world. The new features will include the use of the iPhone gyroscope to give a more pleasent interaction. Also new characters will appear .. surprise!!! (dragonflies , ladybeattle and so on !). The aim will be also in switching to a more theatrical environment. Will have surprises here too. Stay tuned !

Spider Alert now works on IPhone 2.2.1.

The game can be now played on older iPhones too. Now available on 2.2.1 and 3.0 ,3.1.2

Spider Alert 1.0 has been released!!!!

Spider Alert

Coming soon!



game icon

 Hi, I’m the new game for Iphone, Spider Alert. I will be realeased in December on the Apple Store. Stay tuned, I’ll tell you the story of my spiders.