New Iphone game: fun, dynamic and dangerous

SPIDER ALERT is our  NEW game for Iphone, NOW  on iTunes store.

 Check it out in December!
Works with all iPhones and iPod Touches running version 2.0 and 3.0.

The story is about one Spider’s adventures. He can use his spider webs to trap the bugs and eat them. He has to defeat the ferocious biting spiders.

They bite and kill! He has to try to get rid of them before they surrender him, keep alive from their bites to get to the next level.
He is always on the run trying to survive and to get higher scores to get to more difficult levels. It’s not that easy to be a spider, watch out!

• gameplay that steadily builds into a frenzy
• easy to play, difficult to master
• unique design, visual and sound effects
• many cool characters
• 3 lives and win more by eating the life cans
• place cobwebs and trap bugs to eat them
• auto-save feature in case you interrupt the game
• high score list to record your best games


Bug’s world expanding.

We’ve started to work on a new version of the game. A more complex cute bug world. The new features will include the use of the iPhone gyroscope to give a more pleasent interaction. Also new characters will appear .. surprise!!! (dragonflies , ladybeattle and so on !). The aim will be also in switching to a more theatrical environment. Will have surprises here too. Stay tuned !

Spider Alert now works on IPhone 2.2.1.

The game can be now played on older iPhones too. Now available on 2.2.1 and 3.0 ,3.1.2

Spider Alert 1.0 has been released!!!!

Spider Alert

Coming soon!



game icon

 Hi, I’m the new game for Iphone, Spider Alert. I will be realeased in December on the Apple Store. Stay tuned, I’ll tell you the story of my spiders.